The Perfect Date Does Not Exi-

The Perfect Date Does Not Exi-

They recognized each other the moment they met in the cafe. He was already seated and reading the newspaper. He looked up and waved at her. This made her giddy like a teenager on a first date.

“Was this place hard to find?” He asked with concern.

“No, not at all. I live just five blocks away.” She said trying to catch her breath before she finally sat down.

“Did you walk all the way?” He saw beads of sweat on her forehead.

“Yeah. I like to walk.” There were two coffee cups on the table.

“You said you liked Chai Latte, so…here.” Both coffee cups had his name and he gave one to her.

“That’s thoughtful of you, thank you!” She took off the lid, blew over the hot tea and took a sip. He found all this very beguiling. So for the next ten minutes, he found himself just listening to her about what she did this morning.

“So my cousin says you shoot people for a living, how awesome! I do too! Last week I had a hard time with one subject. He kept moving about the shoot site.” Her gestures were all over the place showing how exasperated she was.

“I hate subjects that keep moving too. But one has to be patient, don’t you think?” He calmly replied.

“Oh yeah, I have been doing this for years and believe me patience is a must. But being outdoors is very challenging. One has to take into consideration the time of day, weather, even the slightest gust of wind that can ruin everything.”

“Perfectly said. I calculate things in my head all the time, it makes the shooting easier.” Her jaw dropped when he said this.

“Wow! You take this really seriously. I never calculate anything!” To which she started laughing but he just sat there with a stern look. She noticed and cleared her throat to ask him what equipment does he use.

“I use a Barrett M82, what about you?” She cocked her head to one side like a confused puppy.

“I use a Nikon D850.” Her voice trailed off and she took her cup with both hands.

They were quiet for a couple of seconds and listened to clinking mugs and the hiss of steam from the espresso machines.

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