The Navigator

The Navigator

They sat near the shore watching their slippers get wet and sucked in by the sand. The younger one would laugh every single time.

“They will be gone by the fourth wave.” He looked at his brother and chuckled.

“I bet you on the eighth time.” His older brother replied.

“Deal. You think one day I could ever go around the world with you?” He started tracing his initials on the wet gray sand and that of his brother.

“We can do that tomorrow if you want, sport. Just say it.”

“Nah. It will be too tiring for you. Sometimes I feel I drag you down. You have so many things to do. I never know what it feels to be busy. But people are always busy around me. I feel embarrassed.”

“You will never be too tiring for me. You know I will gladly take you anywhere you want.” His heart broke at the sight of his younger brother’s sullen face.

“You’re a pilot and your schedule is always hectic. It’s a miracle you had time off today.” The ocean breeze danced around them.

“Yes, I am. But you’re my navigator, sport. You tell me where to go.” He gave him a big smile. His brother smiled back.

“Can we go that way? I heard sea gulls flock in that part of the island!” he asked excitedly.

“Yes!” He picked him up with a huff and placed him on his wheelchair. “Hold on tight, sport!”

And the sun set on the golden horizon looking like a glowing hearth.

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