Between Heaven and Earth

Between Heaven and Earth

He paddled out into the waves hoping to catch a big one. He would have to wait. It was surprisingly calm today.

The sun burnt his face. He felt every scorching ray on his skin. His dark tan specked with salt water. It reflected every tensed muscle in his body. He wiped his face and waited while he straddled his board. His long beach waves gathered in a tight knot.

Waiting and hearing his own rhythmic breathing. He remembered her, her own breathing when they are together. When he stares at her face and touch her hair. She would do the same. He stared out into the open sea, nothing. He doesn’t want to leave yet, he patiently sat there.

“You don’t have to wait around for me. I need to be on my own.” She warned him one time. He looked at her and answered her with a kiss, full of wanting. She left that day and never looked back.

With the cerulean skies above and the turquoise waters below, he was between heaven and earth.  She was both his luck and his misfortune. She was bliss and pain and he was ready to have both. He was slapped back into reality when he saw the glint of gold on his finger.

“I wanted it to be you.”

He said to himself as he paddled farther into the waiting waters.

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