The Dinner Guest

The Dinner Guest

She placed her dinner plate on the table gently and sighed. Another day of eating alone and she missed him. Her playlist was blaring Incubus. His favorite.

As she started fixing her napkin, she heard the front door open. She stood up to check but froze when she heard it close shut. The unmistakable sound of his sneakers squeaked on the polished floor made her hair stand on end. He was here!

“You started dinner without me again.” He appeared in the dining area, as handsome as the last day she saw him. Hair slicked back. The sleeves of his black sweater  rolled up to reveal strong tattooed arms. He smiled sweetly. She wanted to cry but she stood there frozen solid.

“You know I hate it when you don’t wait for me. I was stuck in traffic. An accident along the main road, I think. I am so sorry” He reached out wanting to hold her hand. But her hands stayed on her side. She can’t believe it. He went back. He’s here. After crying for a week, he’s right in front of her. Like nothing happened. She opened her mouth to say something like I love you but instead she said “You shouldn’t be here.”

He started to move towards her and she stepped back pulling along the table runner and a fork fell on the floor. The tension in the room is so thick it was almost visible.

“I miss you, babe.” He said sadly and dropped his arms in woeful surrender.

“You died a week ago. You shouldn’t be here!” She bawled her eyes out and the image of him faded into the shadows.

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