The Unexpected Visit

The Unexpected Visit

(Written by Faust Romanus)

Prospero was flabbergasted upon the sudden arrival of his grandmother past midnight when the whole town was dark and lifeless.

It was unusual for someone to suddenly arrive past midnight in their town because there was a city regulation to cut public transportation past 9pm to avoid unnecessary activities, specifically immoralities.

“Lola, why are you here at this time?” said the now terrified Prospero.

His grandmother responded with only an eerie cheeky smile while standing outside the gate of the house.

“You must be tired after that onerous and long walk?” he chided.

His grandmother tilted her head and smiled horrendously. At this moment, he took a step back, closed the door, and opened the window slightly to communicate with her.

She was still standing outside, made a mysterious gesticulation: she held her right hand with her left and twisted it as though she was wringing something. After the laborious twisting, Prospero’s grandmother violently bit her hand and gnashed the dismembered flesh inside her mouth and continued biting until she turned to her other hand.

When she was now bathed in blood, she glared at Prospero and opened her mouth extensively as though she was shouting but no sound came out.

Dreading the abominable scene, Prospero locked the door and hurriedly went to the kitchen to get an iron pipe to defend himself.

He quickly returned to the slightly opened window and saw his grandmother was totally gone.

“Lola? Where are you?” He called.

Confused, Prospero completely shut the window and twisted the doorknob to ensure that it was tightly locked. After returning glances outside, he heard feral sounds and realized his grandmother was on the ceiling directly above him.

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