Will You Write About Me?

Will You Write About Me?

We were supposed to do an errand, it turned into a date that turned into a promise.

We headed to the park, it was almost Christmas. It was too cold but he had warm clothes and I stupidly left my jacket. We had pizza in that old pizza place and only a few people appreciated it. We had a personal sized pie because we were still full from dinner. Yes, pizza was dessert.

We rented a bike with a passenger seat so he can pedal around while I was stuck in that tiny space. He shouted at other bikers around the oval, mostly kids and I tried to video the whole thing but both our phone batteries were dying. It was a moment you just had to enjoy and let the memory keep it with you forever…unless you want it gone.

We didn’t want to go home yet so we decided to walk all the way to the park again. I loved walking. I loved it more when he casually held my hand like he was proud to be with me. In the middle of everything, he gathered me in his arms and said let’s dance.

“There’s no music!” I freaked yet smiling.

He tried to make me waltz and failed but we were laughing and everyone else was staring. He kissed my forehead and hugged me for a bit.  We sat on cold wrought iron chairs near a tea shop. He got me some orange tea, it was good, but being with him, just sitting there was better. Better than I have imagined. He sang with some carolers and had the time of his life doing so. I had the time of my life watching him.

“Will you write about me?” He asked me while holding my hand.

“I will write about this night when what we have is over.” And he nodded smiling, kissed my hand.

So, I did. He is very much happier now. But really, that’s all I ever want for him.

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