(Written by Leo “PapaBear” Antazo)

Jake’s heart was racing as he drove like a madman. He tried to bite back the tears but it was no use. He was practically sobbing as he nearly collided with a delivery truck on the highway. He didn’t care. He needed to be there NOW. 

He had just finished his mid day shift which extended to four hours of overtime at the manufacturing plant. During that time he had no access to his phone as they are all banned from the production floor. The moment he got off, there were 9 missed calls and 7 text messages waiting for him. It was then when he started to panic.

“Dammit, dammit, DAMMITT!” He shouted as he raced though traffic like a man possessed. He tried to calm his breathing and slowed down a bit as tears started to flow again. The last text message read “He was hit by a car, the doctors say he’s not gonna make it.”

Jake ran across the parking lot and burst in the hospital asking what room his best friend was in. As he raced across the hall and up the stairs he remembered the day they met and all the times they played in the park and hung out in his room watching cartoons all night. He remembered falling asleep with him and the countless hours they took walks and jogged together. 

He opened the door marked operating room 7 and he saw his mother and sister. Both with tear stained eyes. He gave them both a hug, then he looked down on his friend who started to wag hits tail back and forth as the golden retriever noticed Jake’s scent  right away. 

“Odie, I’m here”  he whispered into the dog’s ears as it opened its eyes and panted happily for a split second before whimpering again. He sat there for close to ten minutes hugging his old friend while his eyes cascaded a waterfall of tears. “I love you.” He said over and over until the shallow  breathing stopped and the tail ceased its movement. 

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