The World Wide Web was Down for a Week

The World Wide Web was Down for a Week

That day, no one understood what happened. All of a sudden no one can’t connect to the World Wide Web. The disaster pulled everyone’s lives into a record-scratch stop. It was a Monday. All over the world, meetings were held, the experts were called, forced to come up with a solution in a few hours. For some odd reason, even the best hackers can’t solve the problem.

I looked at everyone around me trying to access their Facebook and Instagram and groaning in displeasure. No one can’t post about the disaster. On Tuesday, everybody waited for updates while having coffee and taking pictures of their brunches that they can’t show online. Some are almost crying. They can’t go live too.

On Wednesday, it was a little more crazy when people started panicking over online dates they can’t reply to because it was way past the “don’t reply” stage. They started exploring their own desks.

“What the hell is this?” One held up a staple remover. I saw someone playing with a calculator and grinning to himself proudly as he showed others that he can spell “boobs” using numbers.

Everyone was asked to stay at home on Thursday and for the rest of the week. It was pandemonium at home too. Everyone was clamoring for Netflix because they have to finish their series. There are popcorns going stale. They don’t know what to do. So I suggested some of my old CD movies, and I played it on my laptop. There was peace for a couple of hours. 

Sunday, I looked out of the window. A lot of angry people on their phone, children crying in their strollers. Pets howling and meowing joining the chaos. I looked across my building and saw you in one window. You waved at me. You were wearing a pink headband and a white shirt. And the whole world was alright again. 

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