The Patient

The Patient

(Written by Leo “PapaBear” Antazo)

The stab wound was deep as he inspected it under a dim streetlight, just overlooking the alley, three blocks from the hospital. 

“Fuck it” he thinks to himself. Good thing the assassin missed his liver. After dousing his wound with alcohol, he takes out a small tube of super glue and dabs it on the wound. He’s sure the wound will open again in the time it takes for him to get to the hospital.

“Now or Never” he says as he straps on his backpack and takes out his Colt 1911 and inspects the five extended clips that would give him twnty shots each before he would need to reload. 

He walks out into the street and stares down the 2 SUV’s barreling down the road. He notices the 10 other men positioned on the nearby rooftops, some possibly armed with sniper rifles. “Not tonight” he says quietly and he looks at the hospital with grim determination. He starts running as he takes aim and squeezes the trigger for the first time. “Not tonight” he says again.

The nurses at the front desk were shocked as the man limped before them bleeding from several cuts and at least three gunshot wounds. They were too dumbfounded to say anything because he was still holding onto his gun. He stops the doctor walking towards him for a second, whispers into his ear and keeps walking.  The doctor alerts the nurses and says. “Don’t call the police yet, but have operating room 4 ready in 30 minutes!”

The man locks the door of room 514 behind him and sits on a chair facing the patient. He puts down and unzips his bag. He takes out a short stemmed rose and a box of Almond Rocca as the patient stirs in her sleep and asks “John? Is that you?”.

The man smiles and replies “Happy Valentine’s Day, mom”.

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