Emergency Button

Emergency Button

They both stepped inside the elevator when it stopped on the 18th floor. It smelled of sweat and that lingering smell of cumin in Mexican food.

“What the…it smells like shit in here.” She said as she took her mirror out of her bag and checked her hair.

“Yeah? Well, I told you let’s get on the other one, remember? It always smells like shit in this one. But no, you don’t believe me. In fact, you never did!” He wasn’t looking at her but his face was turning pink.

“I NEVER believed you? Never? For five years, I believed all your lies. Isn’t that a lot of believing? That’s the reason for this annulment, remember? Because you lied all the time!” She snapped her compact mirror shut for emphasis.

“For five years, all you did was nag, pressure me, correct me, embarrass me in front of friends and family, and if that wasn’t enough, you tried changing everything about me, even my favorite color! I LIKE GREEN! What the fuck is wrong with that?!”

“Green is so weak. Yeah, just like you are. That’s why we fought all the time. You are weak. You needed me for so many things.” She looked at him through their reflection on the mirrored elevator doors. He was seething with anger.

“I had to double check everything with you because if I made a mistake I will never hear the end of it. That is NOT needing you. That is preventing ugly things from happening.” He faced her this time.

“That is not fair!” She screamed. “All I wanted was some truth from you! That is all!”

“You want the truth?”


He pushed the emergency button. The sudden stop made her gasp. He gathered her into his arms and kissed her. Full of longing and regret. She held on to him until they heard the speakers crackled and security asked if everything was ok.

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