Let’s Do This

Let’s Do This

(Written by Leo “Papa Bear” Antazo)

Karel feels his back spasm as he is once again tackled after a four-yard run into the Hurricanes’ red zone. He is helped up by two of his teammates who pat him on his helmet.

“Good run!” Czar says to him.

Karel looks at the ground and thinks, “Damn, another foot and it would have been a touchdown.”

Czar calls the huddle and Karel is slow to walk towards his teammates. His back has been hurting ever since he got hit real hard in the first quarter. A block in the back which was illegal but the refs didn’t see it. By all rights, it should have been a penalty but he let it slide.

Now, he’s out of breath and his shoulders and arms are sore after being tackled no less than 6 times in the last 8 minutes. He’s having a good game but has yet to score a touchdown.

“Their defense is good.” he says to himself.

He straightens up as the quarterback calls the play. One more run up the middle. This could win them the game with only 1 minute left on the clock.

Mike grabs on to Karel’s helmet and says to him, “You got this. I know you do.”

Karel feels a surge of adrenaline and nods his head. As he positions himself just behind the quarterback, he closes his eyes and smiles. “Let’s do this” he whispers moments before Mike yells.


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