The Choice

The Choice

(Written by Leo “Papa Bear” Antazo)

He’s running. Running as fast as his feet could carry him. He’s made a choice. A choice free of guilt and illusions. Free of turmoil and darkened eye bags. Free of anger and the circular motion of bickering over the pettiest of things. He is just free.

At a restaurant, a stunningly beautiful lady sits and is dabbing at her eyes with a white napkin as she checks her watch. He’s already thirty minutes late.

At a park across town, a woman wearing a simple black dress is sitting on a bench near the memorial of a fallen hero. She is stargazing and writing in her notebook. Her eyes glistening as sadness threatens to overwhelm her.

He’s running along the sidewalk, narrowly avoiding a fruit vendor, and cleanly sidesteps a bike hitched onto a sidecar. He leaps over the railing.

The stargazer looks up and sees him panting before her with a huge smile on his face. She drops her notebook and rushes into him. She kisses him as he gently caresses her curly locks.

In the restaurant. A waiter walks over to the lady sitting alone at the table and says to her “I’m sorry Madame. Your husband called and said he won’t be able to make it to dinner.”

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