A Perfect Match

A Perfect Match

She clasped her cellphone with clammy hands. She has never done anything like this before. A matching service. But she has decided and nervously fills up an online form. Revealing every single detail of her private life.

It might work. She may find happiness after all.

The site said a match is determined depending on her lifestyle so she should be truthful about everything she puts in there. There are hundreds of pictures too. She breathed deeply and swiped.

“Too small. Too large. Hmmm…looks high maintenance. Whoah, what’s wrong with his hair? Wait…the eyes don’t match. Too hairy. Eeew no hair! Oh…”

She found her perfect match. His name is Tony.

Tapping on the button that says “Interested”, she waits for a notification. After a few minutes, she receives a message.

“Thank you for your interest. Tony is a 2 year old Chocolate Lab Retriever. He was abandoned by his owner last year when they moved to another state. Tony is super smart, loves cuddles and his favorite toy is a stuffed purple octopus. We would like you to visit Tony in our kennel if you are available this week. If you have any questions, do send us an email or call the number found at the home screen. Thank you for adopting! Tony is excited to see you.”

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