Worth It

Worth It

(Written by Leo “Papa Bear” Antazo)

“The hell?” Brian said to himself as he noticed three new cuts on his face and several more on his hands. Did I cut myself shaving the other day? He put these thoughts aside as the cuts weren’t even that deep. It’s been a week since his wife left him. For good, he thought, as she packed her bags and took their 7 year old boy with her. He had slapped him so hard on the side of the head for breaking his limited edition Spawn action figure from MacFarlane Toys. That should teach the brat a lesson, he thought.

He had acquired several boxes of vintage horror movie action figures and was in the middle of opening up a gremlin action figure when he noticed that Jason Voorhees was not up on the top shelf beside Freddie Kruger as he normally was. He was on the floor. “Shit.” He said as he picked up the toy and repositioned it on the shelf taking great care to make sure it was still holding the machete it came with. Weird, he thought, as the machete was on the shelf yet the figure was on the ground.

Brian kept unpacking, smiling as he opened each of the 3 large boxes to reveal all the old and new toys he had purchased. Sure, he maxed out his credit cards and had to sell his car to make payments but it was worth it. He had beaten his wife black and blue one time when she complained that there was no more money for food nor for medicine for their little boy. His reason was that he had purchased a rare Thanos the Titan statue from Halimaw collectibles. It was worth it.

He smiled after unpacking the last toy. A 1:1 scale sized Chuckie doll with an actual sharpened knife movie prop that he had desired for so very long. It cost about 5 months worth of his monthly salary. “All worth it” he muttered to himself as he placed it on his desk.

Brian went to bed with a smile on his face and happy to know that the little brat of his wouldn’t be damaging any of his other toys. It was quiet too since there was no more nagging wife around to annoy him.

He woke up several hours later facing the ceiling. “What the fuck?” he muffled and found out that he was gagged and his hands and feet were tied up real tight to the bedposts. In the darkness he could see movement as the moon shone through the window. This can’t be happening, he thought, as he saw several gremlins moving with alien Xenomorph figures, the Violator from Spawn, and Elizabeth Bathory was standing by the side of his left foot. “Oh my God!” he tried to shout as the Chuckie Doll he had unpacked earlier hopped onto the bed brandishing a very sharp knife. It looked into his eyes and said “You shouldn’t have hurt the boy.” Brian stopped struggling and looked at him in fear, despair seeping through every pore of his body. Chuckie growled and started to cut into his stomach.

“Well? Was it worth it?” it said as scream after stifled scream reverberated throughout the house.

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