(Written by Leo “Papa Bear” Antazo)

“I’m famished.” Jason thought to himself as he got off the jeep and started to walk home.  All day, he has been thinking about the adobo his grandmother said she would prepare for him.  He can almost smell the aroma of soy sauce mixed with vinegar and other spices.  He salivated at the thought as he adjusted his backpack and duffel bag over his shoulders for the second time. “Damn, this sucker is heavy” he thought.

Today was another grueling day at the Land Transportation Office as he had to deal with the sudden disappearance of his co-worker, Eddie, who hasn’t shown up for the last two weeks.

Good riddance, he thought as he was an asshole. Eddie had constantly made fun of Jason’s glasses and his ‘Bride of Chuckie’ coffee mug.  Jason actually cried when Eddie, joking around one day with their other workmates, took his NECA action figure of Jason Voorhees and threw it out the window saying “Your toys are so stupid! You should just go home and play with yourself like a normal douchebag!”.

Well, everything is okay now Jason thought, at least he didn’t have to put up with the idiot anymore.

Before he left the office that night, Jason was stopped by his boss, Carlo, who proceeded to scream at him because of a filing system error. Carlo, a small but plump man was just as mean as Eddie as he blamed everyone in the office for anything that went wrong. Jason explained that he was not in charge of the filing system and was not given any instructions to re-arrange the records. “You should have known! This is all your fault!” Carlo bellowed. Jason apologized. “Sorry sir, but I promise you’ll never have to worry about it again.”

Jason knocked on the door and his grandmother let him in. “Lola, that adobo smells delicious!” he gave her a kiss on the cheek. His grandmother just smiled, walked into the kitchen and continued to stir the pot. “Iho, I hope you brought back some more meat. We’re running out” she said. “Don’t worry, I have enough here to last us maybe two or three more weeks” Jason mentioned as he dropped the duffel bag on the floor and unzipped it.

“That’s wonderful!” his grandmother exclaimed. “He has a little more fat than your friend Eddie” she said happily as Carlo’s chopped up body parts were revealed.

Jason took out his machete and started cleaning the blood off it with a piece of cloth. “What’s for tomorrow night grandma?” he said.

“I was thinking ribs in barbecue sauce?” his grandmother replied.

Jason walked up to her and gave her another peck on the cheek. “I love you, Lola”.

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