Going Up?

Going Up?


Every day, for the last two years, we would go up to the same floor in the same office building. I would see him walk through the glass doors walking with so much manly confidence, that I think he stole from the rest of the male population. Every guy I would see would either just be looking down or looking at their cellphone. His neckties were hideous but he was gorgeous. He smells like he just got out of the shower. A hint of soap, aftershave, and our future. Every day at 8:00 AM, he walks towards the elevator where I waited, wink at me and ask “Going Up?” and I will always reply with a curt “Yes.” Some days it will be flirty, sometimes enthusiastic, it can be sad when I see him talking to someone over the phone. He is a dream. I remained single for two years because he might ask my name someday and bring me to that cafe around the corner of the building. I bought a new push-up bra yesterday even if there was nothing to push up. Hoping he would see past my innocent smile and realize that my body is that of a 20 plus-year-old woman waiting for his move. I know he likes me. He smiles at me. His white teeth as pure as my longing for him.


Bitch still doesn’t know I’m gay!

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