Here Comes The…

Here Comes The…

(Written by Ran Manansala)

Things you love dearly can kill you.

The dull bell rang. I had to work.

I was to attend a wedding today. How peculiar. I’ve never collected during one. Though I wanted
to change for the occasion, it didn’t matter. No one will notice me.

The reception’s adorned with cyan. Bright theme. Too bright. I stood near the door bored out of my skull. (You would love this pun.)

After an eternity, everyone stood abruptly as the doors opened, revealing the bride with mahogany hair and a summer smile. Pearly whites yet with a sour fate.

Across the aisle, the proud groom stood erect, fumbling with his tie. The room was filled with music. All eyes were on the bride except this flower girl. She tugged on the hems of my suit.

“Mister, why are you wearing black?”

I ignore her.

“You’re the security guard!”

The mass started. The vows were said. Time to shine.

I walked through the carpeted aisle. Both crowds were entranced by the exchanging of the
rings, simple golden bands twinkling against the light.

But the ring from him never reached her finger. It fell. I picked it up.

I dragged the color out of his body.

“W-Who are you?”

“No one important.”

He looked around, at his bride, then down at his body.

“Thirty-one years old.”

“No!” His face fell. I watched his face muddled with tears. The bride had a look of horror on hers.

Cardiac arrest.

“Please,” He tried to beg.

“Time’s up!”

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