The Sea that Separates Us

The Sea that Separates Us

She gingerly picked up the pen and looked out into the window. She misses him. They have not seen each other for a year. She cried at the thought of him waiting for her return. The paper was crisp white and new. Smelling of the stationery shop below her room.

Dear Love,

I just read your letter today and you have no idea how happy and sad it has made me. Extremely happy to hear that you are doing fine and that the doctor says you are absolutely ready. Sad because I am still here and I can’t wait for my contract to end so I can go home. I can’t wait to have a family and stay with you until we grow old and have grandkids. I have sold 100 notebooks today, can you imagine? Maybe when I get back, I can bring more than a hundred to sell there. He really makes the best paper in the city. He has given me a raise so I can save more and go home as soon as I can.

I miss you terribly. I miss cooking for you and ironing your shirts. Have you thrown out that ratty blue shirt I got from the cabinet last year? Please stop wearing it. I will get you a new one here. Blue like your eyes. Blue like my mood. Blue like the sea that separates us. I can’t wait to be with you! Hug you and kiss you and spend my days locked up in our room with you. Yes, DAYS! Hahaha! That’s how much I want you.  I can’t wait to see you love.

She looked up from the paper and saw half of the page ruined by her tears. The black ink smudging the lies she just wrote. She said a little prayer for that man across the ocean. The love of her life. This is her last letter.

Walking back to her bed, which she now shares with another. His back turned. He will be up soon to open the shop. She sat there looking at him, her heart broken into a million pieces. Til she felt that tiny kick in her belly.

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