He Went Missing

He Went Missing

She hated him for a hundred reasons but most of all she hated him for messing up her face. For Christmas, she gave him a shirt two sizes bigger, he hit her on the forehead with a remote control. She needed 8 stitches. On his birthday, she forgot to pick up the cake because she was sick at home with the flu. His knuckles found their way to her upper lip, another set of stitches plus she wasn’t able to talk well for a week. For two years, she spent a lot on analgesic drugs and concealers. Nevermind the embarrassment she felt when the neighbors saw her stark naked in the front yard as her husband tried to beat her to pulp with a baseball bat. She remembers that day so well, it was the day she told him she wanted to leave him for good. She knows it will never happen.

When she is tired from all the beating, she would retreat to her Buxom Beauties. Her prized roses. They are deep pink with a touch of purple. She plucks some and places a couple of stems inside a tall glass vase in their room. Until he said he doesn’t want flowers in the bedroom. When she tried to convince him, he got the roses and tried stuffing it in her mouth.

This went on for a couple more weeks and she endured, until one day he just went missing. The neighbors would ask her where he was since they don’t see him come out of the house. His boss called and all she can say was “He left and has not come back.” Her eyes glazed over when the police questioned her. She started crying and told them she really has no idea. Seeing the old bruises on her face and arms, they sensed she was more relieved that the husband left her for good.

Outside, the roses had doubled in size, deepened their color and bloomed with pride.

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