He bought tickets for the Last Full Show and stared at his almost empty wallet. He had been dating her for two months and the most exciting thing they have done was watch the sunset while they held hands. He was crazy about her but he felt that they were getting nowhere. He is not even sure if she likes him that much.  Maybe she is just happy that someone is taking her out. He has not asked her and he is afraid of the answer.

“What does LMF mean?” She asked him as she hooked her arm on his elbow. She was referring to the cinema schedule term that nobody really bothered to know. He had no idea and was not in the mood to be creative with her. So he just shrugged his shoulders in response. She smiled at him and did that hair flip that he finds so charming. Her shampoo smelled great. He will tell her tonight. He found himself another girl to date and he hopes they still remain friends. “I bet she won’t even be affected.” he thought. There was a point she wanted to hold hands but he held his drink in one hand and the other hand his popcorn, untouched.  The movie was drudging and he wanted to go home. He kept looking at his watch. She noticed it.

She said nothing all the way as he drove her home after the movie.

As he walked her to her apartment, he turned to her to tell her this is the last date. She grabbed both collars on his jacket and gave him a kiss. Open mouthed, jolting, full of want and longing.

“It means Last Minute Feature.” she said and walked to her door.

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