(written by Gyle Beaumont)

Ominous clouds loomed overhead
to drown the land with impending rain
Two princes, words unspoken
valiantly endured the pain.

Mortal arms have risen
the battle clouded in tears
Politics bore the schism
and turn one against his most dear.

The grass reeked with iron
as steel drew first blood
A crown to be adorned
to the one not undone.

In combat of swords and fire,
feints, counters, and lightning,
The duel of flesh and blood retires
Devotion turns to loathing.

Bonds built on memories
Traded faith with one another,
The clash born of schemes

Alas, blade thrusts to chest
Sharp echoes in its place
Bested has been the eldest
Sorrowed smile worn on face

The land now drowned in pain
Two princes, brothers
One undone as grass rank with blood and rain
Words still spoken to neither

Lamented face shrouded in tears
the fated battle wrought suffering
Mortal arm against his most dear
All hail the new king.

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