(written by JL Peters)

He is numb of life’s cruelty.  His grip on it has numbed him more than ever that it has started to slip.

He knows this room too well. This was where she told him about her undying love for him. Now he sees her there dying. Darkness fell and time stopped. The monster of his childhood came out from that old creaking closet. As soon as her life snuffed out, the clock started ticking again. He saw her there and one other body he did not recognize. He sat there frozen near the bodies as people come and go. Gathering evidence of sanity. Asking him questions he can’t even answer.

In an instant, radiant light blinds him. Hands probed at him, making him move in all sorts of direction. He saw familiar faces but can’t recall who. He saw people panic at the sight of him and this made him laugh hysterically. Eyes became shifty.

As soon as darkness started to envelop him, he woke up. He finds himself in a windowless room. Cramped and humid. People come in to bring him food, medicine and whatever they need to bring him. Days, months, years it does not seem to exist here.  No one can hurt him, no pain, no worries – just the peace he had been looking for.  He can laugh even without a reason, cry without a reason.

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