“We’re home sweetheart!” She excitedly entered the house while her husband held the door open for her. She held her baby close to her chest and kissed the small delicate face lovingly.

“Aren’t you glad we’re home dear?” She looked at him beaming. He smiled and nodded his head. He was tired from walking around the mall where they hopped from one toy shop to another. Looking at racks of baby clothes for hours. He wanted to go home and rest, for probably about a week. To get away from this insanity.

“She’s beautiful isn’t she?” She touched the little one’s cheek tenderly and a solitary tear fell. “I’ve waited for her my whole life.”

“She is beautiful darling.” He took her in his arms and he cried. He embraced her tighter and looked at the swaddled plastic doll she has been holding the whole day. Unemotional and departed like how he has been since that day she lost herself.


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