He hurled me across the room. With so much compulsion and antipathy that I felt the ground tremble a bit. I lay there unperturbed, knowing of what is to come next. He went over and kicked me enough to move me to the edge of the bed. I knew so many secrets. I have destroyed him.

“I will kill you, bitch. I will make you beg for your life, you ungrateful cunt.” He grunted like a beast and stared at me seething.

I never knew this day would come. The secrets have been kept well, until today. I saw him pace, mumbling, and cussing. Occasionally he would look at me with distress in his eyes.

He knew every raunchy detail. The carnal trysts every week when he was at work doing overtime. The acts of lasciviousness inside this very room, in the shower, on the light blue shag carpet and worst, on their bed. Every concupiscent detail of his wife’s wanton pleasures.

You see I am the wife’s diary. She stupidly left me on top of her dresser as she hurriedly left to meet up with her lover today. Not knowing he will be back early. Every page has been read, some pages torn and ripped to shreds.

He sat on the floor where I was, picked me up and opened. Hoping the stories inside will change. They won’t and I am sure nothing will be added tonight.


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