He took a long drag on his cigarette and rubbed his bloodshot eyes. He has been up for two days without proper sleep. That freaking deadline his boss gave him was so tyrannical, he would’ve strangled her if he had the chance. His unkempt table showed signs of remorse from accepting this project. He lived on coffee and fast food delivery in the last 48 hours. If his heart stopped beating, he would haunt his boss and her whole family until they die of terror and insomnia.

He looked up from his laptop screen to the ashtray next to it. It now housed a hundred cigarette butts and a new freshly lit stick. The smoke wafted up near his face and seemed to circle around him. He could’ve been just imagining it but it was trippy as hell. Then he heard it. Soft whispers of unintelligible words. He saw goosebumps form on his arms. What the fuck was that?

He looked at his screen again. It wasn’t blurry, he wasn’t sleepy. He heard the whispers again. He looked around. Nothing jumping out of the wall, no images on the mirror. He drank from his coffee cup, unwashed for a couple of days.

“Maut…” He was sure it was coming from the smoke. He felt paranoid. Like some invisible hand is gripping his arm and making sure he doesn’t move an inch. He can hear the whispers, they are getting louder.

“Shi…tod…jugeumui…” Like some unknown force wants to scare him with gibberish. Beads of sweat started forming on his forehead. The whispers are clearer now, His heart is beating faster. Yet he can’t move.

“Mate…kematian…” He writes the words down as he hears them and starts searching on the internet. He pushed back his chair and froze. They all meant the same, “death”.

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